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Children's Faith Formation Teachers

We have a wonderful group of faith-filled, dedicated teachers who introduce tenets of our rich tradition of Catholic faith, share stories of faith, and lead the children in discussion to integrate these teachings into their lives.

Our teachers include a former principal, assistant principal, a tradesman, professional teachers, and a computer programmer.  All are well versed in the teachings of our faith and effective communicators of these important truths.

We are delighted with their dedication, care and skill to teach our children each week

  • Mrs. Kathy Guinane

    Grade 1
  • Maureen Connolly

    Mrs. Maureen Connolly

    Grade 2 – First Reconciliation, First Communion
  • Laura White

    Mrs. Laura White

    Grade 3
  • Dan DeLacy

    Mr. Dan DeLacy

    Grade 4 & 5
  • Mike Ralphson

    Mr. Mike Ralphson

    Grade 6
  • Brian Nichols

    Mr. Brian Nichols

    Grade 7
  • Mary Margaret Redmond

    Ms. Mary Margaret Redmond

    Grade 8 – Confirmation
  • Elena Chermak

    Ms. Elena Chermak

    Director of Religious Education