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Pro Labore Dei

Pro Labore Dei (PLD) is a Not for Profit (Charity) Organization with a radical fundamental option for the poorest of the poor. Pro Labore Dei was founded on 16th May 1990 in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State of Nigeria. It began as a response to God’s call to Sister Stella- Maris Okonkwo to "Go out into the streets and slum areas where people are suffering and look after the poor". She began the work with a few destitute in the Bere area of Ibadan with only a few Naira in her pocket. 

The PLD mission continues to grow through the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit and Sister Stella of Nigeria, the founder of Pro Labore Dei. Currently Pro Labore Dei Chicago is working out of a small courtroom in the Robbins Police Department.

St. John Fisher Parish volunteers gather on the fourth Saturday of each month in at 8:45 am in the rectory basement. There, they prepare lunches, gather articles of clothing, personal care items, diapers and baby wipes and prepare the items to be transported to the Robbins Police Station. Those volunteers who are able, accompany the food and other items to the station, where they prepare to distribute the lunches at Noon, followed by the distributing of the clothing, personal care items, diapers, and other donated items. Before lunches are served, all gather on the first floor to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Of course, all volunteers are encouraged to converse and pray with all our clients.

PLD is now providing health checkups to individuals who have not seen a doctor, in some case, in years. The service, at this point, provides basic blood pressure, glucose and overall wellness checks. ‘Patients’ are also provided with information for various social services for more extensive help available for both medical and psychological issues as well as teen pregnancy support and behavioral and addiction programs. PLD is currently looking for individuals with an expertise in these areas of social services and who would like to volunteer their services to aid PLD with individuals in need.

Among other things, PLD is committed to helping families who have found apartments after being homeless. We are periodically looking for furniture and appliances as the need presents itself but there is always a need for household items for families trying to build their homes from nothing. We are looking for individuals with a truck who will volunteer the use of their truck and their time to transport furniture as the need arises, as well as strong individuals to move furniture. We would contact you at the time the need presents itself and work to accommodate the schedules of those involved.

Lunches: The donations that are needed for the lunches are: 2 boxes of gloves (for food prep) 12 loaves of bread, 100 bags of chips, 4 cases of water, 3 boxes of zip lock sandwich bags, 100 packs of individually wrapped cookies or other treats.

Ongoing needs: Diapers (sizes 1,2,3,4,5) and Baby Wipes. Personal care items: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, razors, bath soap, shampoo, and feminine care products.

Articles of clothing (new or gently used and laundered), linens, blankets, and other houseware items are always welcome.

All donations can be dropped off at the Parish Rectory.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Pam O’Mara (773) 812-0281 or Amy Goggin (708) 715-2090.

If you are interested in any of the organizations listed here, please call the parish rectory at (773) 445-6565.