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Attached, please find a letter from the St. John Fisher Parish and School Board Finance Committees.

While we work to produce a more comprehensive annual report in the coming months, we wanted to provide you with an important interim update on the initial impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on our operational and financial capabilities. We have four key messages for the community:

 We have now largely reopened due to the tireless work and generosity of so many -  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!

 Our parish and school’s financial positions have so far weathered the storm in large part due to the securing of significant funding from two different COVID‐related government  programs, but forward‐looking financial challenges persist and are growing by the day.

 Nonetheless, we continue to strongly support and prioritize the long term‐oriented Investments identified in our strategic planning process over the last two years and those required to safely deliver on our educational and pastoral missions in the current environment.

 Our goals are purposely set high and thus will continue to necessitate further financial and human resource support over the coming months and years; we are working hard to improve transparency around these needs and to give you confidence that partnering with us and contributing to the cause of SJF is an important, worthwhile investment.

Please click here to read our more detailed letter to learn more about some specific ways you can contribute and support SJF in the coming months, and if you haven’t yet read our recently‐published strategic plan, you can access that here.

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